Meet Peter Lipsey

peter_lipseyPeter lives in Wilmette, IL, a suburb just north of Chicago with his wife, three kids.  He held many jobs in the “real world” including being a licensed Realtor, before delving into the business of being funny.  After receiving his Journalism degree from Drake University, Peter held many writing positions for radio stations, magazines and an advertising agency.  It wasn’t until he worked part-time as a bartender at a club that had “open mic” competitions, that he decided to tell jokes as a stand-up.  The first time he went on stage, Peter went 15 minutes over the time limit not knowing that the flashing red light meant get the heck off the stage.  With 25 comedy years under his belt, Peter has found his audience.  He is intelligent, literate and sharp.  His one-liner delivery comes right out of the old school: premise, setup and punch line.  If you get it — great. If not — sorry they canceled Hee-Haw! Performing mainly for corporate and association clients, Peter customizes all his shows up front, because “if you can make them laugh at their industry, that’s half the battle.”  He and his writing partners have completed three screenplays and are finishing up a fourth.  They are listening to all offers!