Comedian For Corporate Events

One of the ways I try and get work is to write at least 10 jokes a week, which is harder than it sounds, unless they are topical jokes. After I have them down to what I think is funny, I’ll go to a good open-mic place. Now, a lot of these places are not a good place to try out new jokes. More often than not, the comedians who don’t know you, and that would be most of them, will freeze you out and not give an honest assessment of the joke. I get it new guys…you’re like–who is this guy. Never heard of you before, I don’t care if it’s funny–I’m not giving it up. What can you do? I’ve been at it over 20 years, I just do corporate, association and private gigs now and things are starting to pick up again. The key is getting the joke down. Less is more. The fewer words the better. Okay, got to go and write some more. Hopefully, of the 10 I write, four of them will be huge.